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Pebble pool finishes by Pebble Technology come in an array of colors and textures, creating a spectacular water color and a beautiful, durable and long-lasting pool surface.

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The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes®

Investing in the best possible pool finish is crucial for a successful pool building or remodeling project. That’s why we confidently offer PebbleTec pool finishes by Pebble Technology – the world-renowned brand that stands for exceptional design, sourcing, and screening. PebbleTec has set the gold standard for the pool industry, and we proudly stand behind their commitment to quality.


PebbleTec finishes give a naturally elegant, even look that accentuates the water color. (Plaster tends to show staining and discoloration much more.)


PebbleTec finishes can last over 20 years with proper pool care. (Plaster pools typically need to be replaced every 5 years.)


PebbleTec finishes offer a range of texture options (from natural to ultra-smooth) and over 50 stunning water colors. (Plaster just cannot offer the same variety.)

PebbleTec® Finish Textures

Find the Pool Finish Texture and Water Color that fits your vision.

Choose among an array of finish textures for your pool finish, ranging from natural to refined to ultra, smooth. No matter your choice, ALL our finished are comfortable to the touch, and easy on feet and hands. PebbleTec finishes features an array of amazing pool water colors, ranging from icy light blues to deep ocean blues, emerald greens to rich blacks and grays, Caribbean blues to bright lagoon greens, and much more.

(Please note that water color and finish samples shown may differ from actual results due to environmental variations in time of day, season, shade, lighting and the inherent variation found in stone products and other factors.)

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The Original Finish—Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. Available in 18 attractive colors, our original Pebble Tec pool interior is the perfect choice for individuals desiring a more natural look for their pools, spas or water features. With a Pebble Tec pool finish you receive a dependable, low-maintenance aggregate interior finish and you are installing the very best – backed by a company renowned for its reputation and customer satisfaction.

PebbleSheen Refined Textured Finish logo

Refined Textured Finish—Pebble Sheen® brand pool finish provides the natural beauty and durability of the original Pebble Tec™ pool finish, along with a sophisticated refined elegance. A colorful mosaic of tiny pebbles is tightly fused together and then lightly buffed to create a luxurious pool surface that is not only beautifully elegant, but also incredibly strong and stain resistant. Pebble Sheen pool interiors offer a more finely textured feel and have the look of rich granite. It’s a pool surface that presents the flexible style you need to design a swimming pool that truly reflects your lifestyle.

PebbleBrilliance Elegant Infused Finish

Elegant Infused Finish—Pebble Brilliance® brand pool finish provides a blend of vibrant glass beads and natural stone aggregate. The stunning beauty of the glass beads creates an infusion of color delivering a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color. This distinctive blend offers long-lasting durability with a lavish texture. Fortified with proprietary additives providing a uniform composition and vivid color. All colors incorporate Shimmering Sea for added elegance.

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Enduring Smooth Finish—Pebble Fina® is Pebble Technology Inc.’s latest innovation in superior quality pool finishes. The enduring classic elegance of Pebble Fina pool finish combines old world beauty and durability with new world technology to offer a luxurious smooth, durable and affordable interior. Pebble Fina pool finish incorporates the ancient Greek and Roman use of pozzolans into the cement mixture, providing strength and durability for a longer-lasting finish with increased density that resists etching.

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Luxurious Polished Finish—Pebble Breeze™, Pebble Technology Inc.’s smoothest finish, is buff-polished for maximum comfort—with added sparkle. This velvety new finish offers our very smoothest surface—for maximum pool comfort. Vibrant glass beads create captivating colors with an infusion of sparkle.

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Radiant Textured Finish—This new finish delivers a refined texture, with extra bling. In this new premium Pebble Essence™ finish, we offer our most popular texture, enhancing it with fine glass beads for extra water color radiance and sparkle.

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NEW Finish—This PebbleTec approved finish offers the texture and strength of their most popular line in a more subdued color palette. Made of compacted stone for a refined texture that is easy on hands and feet and featuring superior durability with proper maintenance of pool water chemistry. Available in soft hues that include:

PebbleCrystal Sample Finish with water color - Warm White with Dark Blue Quartz Accents
Warm White with Blue Accents

You can add optional accents (Blue, Teal, or Black) for a more distinctive look.

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